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Complex Tax Problems


Stood His Ground! As a working citizen in the state of Missouri, I fell behind in the past on paying my federal taxes. The IRS took note of this and took a strong stand in accepting my payments as time went by. But what I sent was not enough for them and as a result, they took multiple paychecks from me. I lost everything I owned, my home, land and car. If my parents had not been there for me, I’d be homeless and hungry. I needed help badly and after reading some of Lance Drury’s brochures, I decided to give him a call. One the best decisions that I could have made. The IRS really gave Lance a hard time, but he was able to stand his ground and hold his own on defending me in every way. And with his help, I am now able to stand tall and take on problems head on day by day. I now know that my hard-earned paycheck will be there every month. Thank you, Lance!
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