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Complex Tax Problems


Couldn’t Find Help or A Way Out! I was having trouble with my past tax debt and I couldn’t find help nor a way out. My husband heard an ad on the radio one day for the law offices of Lance Drury, he though he sounded like what I needed, so he wrote the phone number down and I called to set up an appointment. I was apprehensive about the first meeting, but those fears went away as soon as I met Mr. Drury, he was very kind and reassuring and he made me feel at ease from the start. He listened to all my problems and concerns and was very honest about his ability to help me. He explained that there were three ways to handle these issues, they were low cost, medium cost and high-end cost. After a complete review of all the material he said that I did not need the high end or low end but that the middle option would be perfect for me. He was very honest and did not try to sell me the high end which he very well could have, and I would not have questioned his advice. Mr. Drury and his team of tax professional handled everything for me and filed all the paperwork and forms. Mr. Drury go most of the tax debt removed and set up a reasonable repayment plan with the IRS. I now have no more worries, no more phone calls or letters from the IRS. I highly recommend Mr. Lance Drury and his team of professional if you need any tax help, he is honest, and his opinions doesn’t make you feel like it’s your fault. So, get yourself some rest and peace of mind, call Mr. Drury!
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