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Complex Tax Problems


Such a Relief to Talk with You! I would like to thank you for all the work you did for my husband and I to resolve our tax issues. I tried to work with the IRS on my own for more than two years and just continued to receive larger settlement offers that were impossible to meet. By the time I contacted you I was so stressed and afraid I would never be able to resolve our issues. It was such a relief to talk with you and turn everything over to you to handle. Even thought it took time to resolve, you were very helpful and encouraging during the long process. I learned that it is never a good idea to work with the IRS alone. Your knowledge and professionalism were instrumental in resolving our tax issues. I will recommend your services to anyone facing the same issues we had. Thank you for your patience with us and for your hard work. Please let Liz know how much we appreciate her for always taking our calls. She is a wonderful asset to your firm.
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