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Owe the IRS? Here are a few things you should know


Owe back taxes to the IRS? You may feel as if the sword of Damocles is constantly hanging over your head. If you have a delinquent tax return, you are eventually going to have to face it down and pay the required amount. The Internal Revenue Service can be an intimidating entity, but you are not powerless against it. When the time comes to deal with your delinquent taxes, there are a few helpful things that you should know.

Respond promptly to your notices

When the IRS wants you to pay delinquent taxes, they will definitely let you know. Perhaps you have experienced the IRS’s constant barrage of notices yourself: Emails, phone calls, letters… they seem never-ending. While it may be tempting to ignore these notices, it is much wiser not to. Respond promptly to the notices that the IRS sends you. They will not magically disappear, and it is better to address them head-on.

Know your rights

You have important legal rights that the IRS must respect. If you are in an IRS interview, the IRS owes it to you to explain your rights. You have the right to representation, either by a tax professional or an attorney. You also have the right to be treated in a professional and courteous manner. During an interview, if you do not like the manner in which you are treated, you may request to speak with the interviewer’s supervisor.

Hire representation

It is never wise to meet with the IRS alone. An IRS interview is not an easy process. People who are unfamiliar with the tax system are at a disadvantage and are less likely to receive a beneficial outcome. Before you meet with the IRS, consult with an attorney. A tax attorney who is based in Missouri and therefore familiar with local, state and national tax laws can help obtain the best results possible for you.

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