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Diner owner accused of tax evasion

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Anyone in Missouri who has completed — or attempted to complete — their own taxes likely knows of the complexity associated with the process. Unfortunately, it is easy to make mistakes. Despite knowing how difficult filing taxes can be, prosecutors may be quick to assume that what is exactly a mistake is an intentional oversight, resulting in accusations of tax evasion.

A business owner in another state is facing such allegations. Officials claim that the accusations involve a 58-year-old woman who owns a restaurant called Donna’s Restaurant. The eatery is said to be known for its family friendly atmosphere and was originally opened by the woman’s father.

Unfortunately, a spokesperson for the district attorney’s office claims that she charged taxes on $861,000 worth of sales. However, she is accused of failing to pay taxes on those sales, resulting in $60,000 in money that allegedly should have gone to taxes. Faithful customers claim to be stunned by news of the accusations.

While the process of filing taxes can be confusing and complicated, creating a defense to tax evasion accusations may be even more difficult for someone without legal training. As a result, many people in Missouri seek guidance from professionals with experience with such charges. An experienced professional can often help defendants in such cases ensure they are fully prepared to make informed decisions about their case. This ability can provide some degree of peace of mind as they face the multiple decisions that could ultimately have a significant impact on the rest of their life, including whether to fight the charges in court or seek a plea deal.

Source:, “Eastie diner owner charged with sales tax evasion“, Laurel J. Sweet, March 22, 2018

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