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“Tax Zapper” Software Cited in Tax Evasion Case

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When facing criminal charges, people in Missouri and across the country have several important factors to weigh before deciding how to respond to the allegations. They often carefully examine the evidence against them to determine if there is a possibility of conviction and then consider the potential consequences of a conviction. For example, a couple in another state accused of tax evasion opted to plead guilty.

The case involved a couple who own several Thai restaurants in two different states. Federal investigators claim that over the course of several years, they hid their actual income with the use of special software. The software, according to reports, hides records of transactions involving cash sales. Law enforcement officials also claim that the couple paid their employees in cash to avoid employment taxes.

In August, both pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy. They have since paid almost $300,000 in taxes and face an additional $17,500 in fines. Additional penalties could be added in the future. One of them will serve six months in prison while the other will serve four, with their sentences staggered in consideration of their young children. They will also fulfill community service requirements.

Cases involving allegations of tax evasion are often complex and may come with steep penalties if the person is convicted. As such, those facing such charges may choose to accept a plea deal — if offered — if they believe there is sufficient evidence for a conviction. This may especially be the case for those with small children. To help them determine the most appropriate course of action, many people in Missouri who are in such a situation turn to an experienced attorney for guidance.

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